Name            : Mr. John Tun Min Hein
Title               : Bartending & Mixology Instructor



Education Back ground

B.Sc (chemistry)

University of Yangon, Myanmar.

In 1995 he graduated in yangon university. Then  he has chosen his career in hospitality industries. At first he worked as a bar commis at summit park view hotel for 3 years.he became a bartender after 3 months joined. Meanwhile he was taking care food and beverage operation as well. The mid of the year he became sr captain in f and b outlet. He was handled cashiering, banqueting, room service, fine dining services, all day dining services. He was a trainer at the hotel during that period of 3 years. The training school is called SCCD as on job trainer.

        After 3 years he went to oversea regarding of his future career.  He worked as a bartender at seven star hotels which are the most popular hotel in the world. He spent about 13 years in there.during that period he worked different hotels as a bartender, food and beverage server, mixologist. He worked different outlets ( fine dining, all day dining, sport club, popular night club).  He attended the bar academy. He qualified all kinds of subject.

         Now he is working at star academy as a instructor of bar tending and mixologist at present. He is living in yangon, Myanmar.