The purpose of this program is to educate and prepare for the students with the knowledge, analytical ability, and management perspectives and skills needed to provide leadership to organizations competing in dynamic industry. This program is also designed to prepare students for careers in management and leadership in both the private and public sectors.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the program are:

  • Creating the skills and abilities required to provide strong leadership and management in a complex global and changing business environment.
  • Offering opportunities to explore modern aspects of Business Administration not previously encountered and to broaden aspects that were covered in previous studies.
  • Developing a keen appreciation of some key theoretical concepts, major economic themes and significant current issues surrounding Business Administration.


Subjects Learned in MBA (Hospitality Management)

SemesterMQA Subject CodeSubject NameCredit
1MKT501Marketing Management3
1MGT501Strategic Management3
1ECO501Business Economics3
1ORG501Organizational Behavior3
1MHM7410Tourism and Hospitality Management3
1MHM7117Entrepreneurship Management (Elective 1)3
2MGT503Business Ethics3
2ACC501Business Accounting & Finance3
2HRM501Human Resource Management3
2HOSP779Service Operation Management3
2HOSP777Research Method for Hospitality and Tourism Management3
2MHM7116Risk Management In Hospitality Business(Elective 2)3
3HOSP775Leadership In Hospitality Management3
3HOSP785Graduate Research/Applied Research6
3HOSP770Contemporary Trend And Issues In Hospitality And Tourism Industry2
3HOSP633Sustainable Tourism3